Tooth Filling

What to expect during a tooth filling appointment?

Filling a tooth decay/cavity is generally a simple procedure.

To start, your dentist will apply numbing gel to the gum to help reduce the discomfort when injecting the local anesthetic. You may not need an anesthetic if the filling is superficial.

Once the area is numb, there should be no sensitivity while the dentist cleans the soft decay using the drill. We assure you that everything will be under your control. The deal is when you put your left hand up, the dentist will stop immediately.

After cleaning all defective tooth structures a special adhesive is applied, and the cavity is filled with white composite material.

Finally, your dentist will polish the tooth and check to make sure that your bite is correct. You can eat immediately after the appointment.

Once the numbing has worn off (usually in 2-3 hrs), your tooth may feel a little sensitive after the filling, but you shouldn’t have any pain. This may last for 1-2 weeks before it settles down.