Teeth Whitening Aspley, North Brisbane

Are you looking to whiten your teeth?

PolaOffice+ in-chair teeth whitening technology is an amazing treatment option for your smile. In just 45-60 minutes, we can transform your teeth with this gentle and reliable system.

Our affordable teeth whitening offer for you:

$450 for in-office teeth whitening

Three applications of Polaoffice+ system to get immediate results

$300 for home kit teeth whitening

We highly recommend to start with consultation or check up and clean appointment to see if your teeth are a good candidate for teeth whitening.

What is in-chair whitening?

In-chair whitening is done at the dental clinic. High concentration bleach is applied to the teeth, which is then activated using special light.

What is take-home whitening?

Take-home whitening kits are available for you to carry out the procedure yourself at home. Bleaching material is inserted into moulds that fit your mouth. You have to place these trays in your mouth for 30 min everyday for about 10-14 days. The material used is less concentrated and the results take longer time comparing to whitening done in the clinic. However, it may be more convenient to do it yourself at home.