Full and Partial Dentures

When considering full or partial dentures to replace missing teeth, you may need to decide which type of denture can benefit you the most. In Aspley Elite Dental, we offer a wide range of dentures that will help you regain your perfect smile.

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Are there any other denture options?

There other modifications of the above mentioned denture types. For example:
– Combination of metal and flexible denture to get a more esthetic result.
– Denture with precision attachments: where we combine dentures with other components to give you more stability and grip.
-Implant supported denture: where we attach denture to implant.
-Overdenture: where the denture is made to fit over existing teeth or roots.
-Immediate denture: where denture is prepared in advance of tooth extraction, then placed on the same day as the extraction procedure.

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