When considering full or partial dentures to replace missing teeth, you may need to decide which type of denture can benefit you the most. In Aspley Elite Dental, we offer a wide range of dentures that will help you regain your perfect smile.

Full Denture
Full Denture

Comparison between metal and plastic dentures

In this table, we are summarizing the basic difference between metal dentures and plastic dentures:

(Chrome Cobalt)

Hard Plastic

Flexible Plastic
(Valplast / Vertex ThermoSens)

What does it look like?
Chrome Cobalt Denture Flexible Denture

What is it made from?

Made of chrome metal alloy framework to which acrylic teeth and gums are attached.

Made from rigid acrylic resin with metal clasps (clamps).

Made of flexible resin, no metal is used.

Thickness /Bulkiness

As metal is much stronger than plastic, it is a lot 
thinner and smaller, therefore it is more comfortable and easiest to adapt to.

Thicker and bulkier in the mouth.

Same as hard acrylic.

Roof of the mouth (palate)

Can leave roof of the mouth uncovered, this means:
-More comfortable, 
-Better for feeling the texture, temperature and taste of food,
-Less gagging.

Usually the roof of the mouth is covered.

Same as hard acrylic.


More hygienic and less plaque build-up

Less hygienic than a
chrome cobalt denture

Less hygienic than
chrome cobalt denture

Retention (grip) and
Stability (not rocking)

Very good in retention and stability, this means great chewing experience.

Less retention and stability.

The least retention and stability.

Temperature transfer

Hot and cold temperature is transferred through the material when eating or drinking which leads to increased patient comfort.

Less hot and cold temperature transfer

Same as hard acrylic.

Fracture resistant

Very strong this means longer lasting

More likely to break if dropped

Almost unbreakable because it is flexible.

Repair and adding teeth

Mostly not suitable for repair or adding teeth.

Easy to repair and adding teeth.

Repair and adding teeth  cannot be made


The best

Less than metal

Usually do not last as long as hard acrylic or metal dentures

Cost and time

It takes longer to make because it is more tricky to make and get right.
It is the most expensive one

Less expensive (around half price of metal denture)

Same as hard acrylic.


-The most comfortable.
-The most expensive.
-Best to replace more than 5 teeth.
-Best to replace lower teeth.

-The cheapest.
-Best to replace more than 3 teeth when you cannot afford metal.

-Best to replace 1-3 teeth when you cannot afford other options.

Are there any other denture options?

There other modifications of the above mentioned denture types. For example:
– Combination of metal and flexible denture to get a more esthetic result.
– Denture with precision attachments: where we combine dentures with other components to give you more stability and grip.
-Implant supported denture: where we attach denture to implant.
-Overdenture: where the denture is made to fit over existing teeth or roots.
-Immediate denture: where denture is prepared in advance of tooth extraction, then placed on the same day as the extraction procedure.

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