Dental Check Up and Clean Aspley, North Brisbane

What to expect during dental check up and clean appointment?

Our team is dedicated to make sure your journey is enjoyable and comfortable. Here , we are summarizing the steps of check up and clean appointment:

On Arrival:
If you are a new patient, we will ask you to complete a “new patient form”. It is crucial for us to know how comfortable you are with dentists. This is because if you have any dental anxiety (like most people), we will use our techniques to ensure that your dental experience with us will be the best. Inside the treatment room, our dentist will go through your medical and dental history in detail, exploring your concerns and expectations.

Before starting with cleaning, we assure you that everything will be under your control. The deal is when you put your left hand up, the dentist will stop immediately. Cleaning of your teeth is done using a vibrating scaling tip. The vibration breaks down the build up (calculus) around your teeth.

Digital x-ray:
If needed, digital x-rays will be taken for your teeth on both sides. This will help detect decay, especially between teeth. They also help dentists detect changes to your jawbone caused by gum disease.

Check up:
Our dentist will start the check up by examining the gum and mucosa of the mouth. This is a quick screening for any disease, lesion, or susceptible cancer. Then a comprehensive assessment and recording for each tooth will be accomplished. The examination includes detecting decay, tooth wear, crowding, existing fillings, gaps, mobility, missing ..etc. If our dentist sees any problem, will take some photos for easier discussion.

Fluoride treatment:
This includes application of high concentration of fluoride to teeth to help protect and remineralize enamel, helping reduce the likelihood of a cavity.

Discussion and conclusion:
After the examination and cleaning is completed, it is time to sit with the dentist to discuss the findings. The dentist will show you the photos and give an overview of your oral health condition. Our job is to show you any problem that can be seen, what is the consequence if nothing is done, and what are the options to solve it. Then it will be entirely up to you whether you will do anything about any problem.